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White Lung by NutraPro is a powerful immunomodulatory drug with a wide spectrum of action. The composition includes Cordyceps, Vitamin C, Butterbur, Bromelain, Feverfew, Pine Bark, Quercetin, Stinging Nettle, Citrus Bioflavnoids, Vitamin K-2. The formula improves the state of the body, has a tonic, analgesic, antipyretic, hemostatic and choleretic effect.

Properties of White Lung by NutraPro:

  • increases the body’s resistance to various diseases, promotes rapid recovery;
  • enhances antitumor immunity;
  • improves memory, helps to concentrate;
  • normalizes blood flow, prevents blood clots;
  • stimulates the liver;
  • accelerates metabolism, helps to normalize weight.

In addition, the supplement increases efficiency and vitality, invigorates, slows down the aging process.

Indications for use

Due to the above properties, the dietary supplement can have a direct or indirect effect on the work of all organs and systems.

The drug is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • need to strengthen immunity with frequent illnesses and an increased risk of infection during epidemics;
  • chronic infections;
  • prevention of cancer (in combination with other drugs);
  • need to eliminate the consequences of alcohol, drug and chemical poisoning;
  • liver and kidney diseases;
  • a breakdown and lack of energy.

White Lung by NutraPro dietary supplement is contraindicated in the event that its use causes an allergic reaction in a person. Pregnant and lactating women should also postpone taking supplements. Remember that this product is not a drug, it can only be used in combination with other drugs or for prevention purposes.

Before buying the drug, it will be useful to consult your doctor. You need to take 2 capsules once a day, with food. The package contains 60 capsules, the drug is enough for 1 month of regular intake.

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