THE BREATHER Inspiratory And Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer


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Category: Muscle Trainer

Brand: The Breather

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If you want to develop the respiratory system without leaving your home, in a comfortable position and at a time convenient for you, use THE BREATHER Inspiratory And Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer.

With its help, you will increase the adaptive abilities of the body: improve not only endurance but also resistance to various diseases. For example, exercise relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi, which helps to improve sputum secretion and prevents many diseases of the respiratory system.

The device provides training of respiratory muscles by creating breathing resistance during inhalation and exhalation. In addition, breathing training occurs due to the “adaptive breathing” mode – you inhale a gas mixture with an increased content of carbon dioxide and a reduced content of oxygen.

By improving blood circulation, the work of the respiratory muscles also improves, which leads to an increase in VC (vital capacity of the lungs).

Thus, the uniqueness of THE BREATHER trainer is that it is suitable for almost everyone, does not take you out of your comfort zone, while demonstrating excellent health-improving results for more than a decade. Constantly improving, the device is ready to provide results in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, strengthening the immune system, keeping the body safe from the effects of stress, improving the work of almost all body systems in every family, at any age and at any time.

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