AirPhysio Natural Breathing Lung Expansion & Mucus Removal Device


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Category: Mucus Clearance Device

Brand: AirPhysio

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AirPhysio lung expansion & mucus removal machine is a portable device for removing mucus from the respiratory tract in a minimally invasive way. Apparatus treatment allows delicately and with minimal complications for the patient to improve ventilation of the lungs and increase the flow of oxygen to all vital organs, including the brain.

The AirPhysio device can be used both in medical institutions and at home, which is convenient for people with severe forms of respiratory failure. Home therapy should be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician: the frequency and duration of the sessions are prescribed by the pulmonologist.

Simulating a cough jolt, the device creates alternating positive (on inhalation) and negative (on exhalation) pressure in the patient’s respiratory tract with the release of mucous secretions (sputum) accumulated there.

AirPhysio therapy effectively treats any of the following respiratory conditions:

  • Cystic fibrosis;
  • Asthma;
  • Bronchiectasis;
  • Atelectasis;
  • COPD.

AirPhysio lung expansion & mucus removal device provides customers with unrivaled levels of reliability and performance in the sputum removal industry. The manufacturer guarantees the stability and mobility of the therapy, with very low noise levels. This portable device is the ideal choice for patients.

It effectively cleans the airways, preventing the stagnation of sputum in the bronchi and the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, including pneumonia and tracheobronchitis, improves the patency of the respiratory tract and gas exchange in the lungs, helps to reduce the load on the heart and optimize the overall the patient’s condition.

AirPhysio device provides a radically new approach to carrying out such procedures and guarantees effective, safe and comfortable treatment.

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