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Current and Ongoing Projects

Asthma Friendly Business Award

Developed and initiated by the WVAC Environmental Action subcommittee 2011-2012

Status: Ongoing 

The WVAC along with the members of Environmental Action Subcommittee are proud to recognize Asthma Friendly Businesses in the state.

·         Mission: To recognize businesses in West Virginia who strive to improve the environment in their organization, in the community, or other locations that directly impacts the health of their employees, customers, and/or community.

·         Why Apply: To be publicly recognized for your business’ concern for their employees’ health and/or the health of their customers and/or community. The nominees and finalists will be recognized by the West Virginia Asthma Coalition specifically the Environmental Action Committee, the West Virginia Asthma Education and Prevention Program, the American Lung Association in West Virginia, and the Wellness Council of West Virginia in an award ceremony as well as on the Coalition and Asthma Program website and press releases. We want to reward your efforts and to tell of your accomplishments!

·         Eligibility: Any business, non-profit organization, government, or community group in West Virginia may apply. Candidates may self-nominate.

·         Application Evaluation: The applications will be evaluated by a planning committee, represented by individuals from the American Lung Association in West Virginia, the West Virginia Asthma Coalition, the West Virginia Asthma Education and Prevention Program, and other entities who are knowledgeable in the areas of air quality, environmental matters, wellness initiatives, and community affairs.

To apply for this recognition award, please contact the WV Asthma Coalition Manager, Christine Compton, at ccompton@lunginfo.org or by phone: 304.342.6096. Application must be received by May 15, 2013. Awards will be presented at the Annual Asthma Retreat at John XXIII Pastoral Center in Charleston, WV on August 15, 2013.


Asthma & Spirometry Education in Primary Care Centers in rural West Virginia.

Developed and initiated by the WVAC Clinical Asthma Management subcommittee 2008-2009. 

Status: Ongoing

History of the Project:

The original proposal of this project (from December 2008) centered on  a sampling of data from 8 selected Federally Qualified Health Centers in West Virginia. Of the 2,457 patients with asthma (diagnosed) at these sites, only 58 (3.32%) had documented spirometry results. The subcommittee referenced the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Asthma EPR 3 from 2007 on the development of an intervention activity for the upcoming year. The subcommittee also utizilized Goal 3 from A Strategic Plan for Addressing Asthma in West Virginia 2010-2014 which states "West Virginian's with asthma self-manage symptoms effectively" - to improve the quality of life for patients with asthma by slowing/reducing the progression of asthma and restoring lung function; and to reduce emergency room utilization and hospitalizations related to asthma.

The first steps in the development included:

  • Selecting a suitable site to implement intervention based on criteria - strong leadership support in clinic; buy-in from site staff; asthma champion; prevalence of asthma in region.
  • Intervention development to include: Best Practices; Core Themes; Patient-Centered Care; Clinical Pathways; and Staff Training (5 Change Concepts Algorithm)
  • Education component: provided by Registered Respiratory Therapist(s) and related health care professionals
  • Education Curriculum to include: Burden of Asthma in West Virginia and US statistics; utilization of the Asthma 101 program and segments from the Breathe Well, Live Well program from the American Lung Association for staff; Tools to identify asthma severity, control, and responsiveness to treatment; Tools to develop asthma action plans for patients and families; overview of spirometry testing and training on clinic's own equipment.

After many months of meetings, conference calls, and planning the initial pilot clinic began receiving the educational component in March 2010. As of May 2011, four Federally Qualified Health Center staff have received this education component and are all currently implementing the educational and data tracking tools that have been provided to them. An ongoing evaluation process has been implemented to monitor the progress of these clinics in improving their management of patients with asthma.

For more information on this project please contact Cynthia Keely, WVAEPP Manager, at cynthia.a.keely@wv.gov or by calling 304-356-4191.










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