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Completed Projects and Past News

2008-2009 Activity Year


School-based Intervention

WVAC Schools and Pediatrics Subcommittee 


The Schools and Pediatrics committee recently implemented a quality improvement project targeting asthma control by collaborating with school nurses, school-based health centers (SBHCs), parents and providers to strengthen student asthma care. School nurses and SBHCs conduceted an intervention with students who carry inhalers by measuring their asthma control, tracking school absences, providing education and referral to primary care providers based on the NHLBI Asthma Guidelines. The priority counties included in this project were:  Fayette and Raleigh.


By acquiring three data collections per student over one year, the desired outcome was to have improved asthma control, decreased absences related to asthma, recognized care plan and improved collaboration between schools, parents and providers. Pilot site coordinators, along with county health departments, regional tobacco specialists, applicable staff and SBHCs were trained at the June 2008 Summer Institute. The training consisted of educating the participants on the asthma project with an overview of the roles and responsibilities of each pilot site.


A report was completed and submitted by the subcommittee in August 2009.  



2009-2010 Activity Year

Public Service Announcements to create awareness of Asthma and Smoking issues in West Virginia communities.

Developed by the WVAC Community Outreach & Education Subcommittee

Applications for grants of up to $500 were being accepted by the Community Outreach & Education Subcommittee Chair until June 2010 from 501-3-Cs who could receive funds to develop and implement an asthma education component along with an add campaign and/or public service announcement (psa) in their local community to bring awareness of the dangers of smoking and asthma. The subcommittee will present their results and findings on this project at the 9th Annual Asthma Retreat on August 12-13, 2010.


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