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The Burden of Asthma in West Virginia

The Burden of Asthma in West Virginia is the most comprehensive source of information about asthma in West Virginia. The 2007 Burden Report includes chapters on asthma prevalence, symptoms and disease management, health care access and utilization, occupational asthma, and asthma mortality. Although many asthma symptoms are preventable through appropriate medication use and avoidance of identified triggers, this report indicates that many West Virginians with asthma experience frequent daytime and nighttime symptoms that result in emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and decreased quality of life.

This publication is a requirement of the Cooperative Grant Agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources in cooperation with the West Virginia Asthma Education and Prevention Program and the West Virginia Health Statistics Center.

This report is used by the WVAEPP and the WVAC to guide the planning and implementation of activities and interventions to address asthma in this state. This report identifies four populations in West Virginia at highest risk for asthma complications: 1) children, 2) adults age 65 and older, 3) adult women, and 4) West Virginians of low socioeconomic status.

West Virginia Burden of Asthma Report 2007-2010

Issue 1 - Asthma Prevalence

Issue 2 - Health Care Access and Utilization

Issue 3 - Asthma Deaths (Mortality)

Issue 4 - Asthma Risk Factors and Co-Morbidities

Issue 5 - Asthma Management and Control


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