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Asthma Guidance for Coaches

Welcome Coaches, PE Teachers, and Staff!

WVAEPP developed these asthma videos and materials for coaches, PE teachers, church sporting leagues, and teammates to learn about asthma, how it affects a person's ability to play and compete, and how the coaches and teammates can help student athletes better manage their symptoms while continuing to participate and play. No athlete with asthma should be standing or sitting on the sidelines when being properly treated for this managable disease!

Note to Coaches: Individuals with asthma should warm-up for sporting activities longer and may also need to use a "quick-relief" inhaler 20 - 30 minutes prior to participating in activities to reduce the likelihood of an asthma episode or asthma attack while participating in sporting activities. Be aware which athletes on your team have asthma. 

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                       Athletic Asthma Video                                                                Clinic Asthma Video

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 Print Coaches Clipboard poster

Print Asthma Warning Signs poster

These posters are available in glossy printed versions of 8 1/2 x 11 size posters. DVD copies of the Athletic Asthma video are also available. Just contact WVAEPP at 304-356-4193 for more information. 

Additional Asthma Links  


EPA Safe Chemical Management in Schools - an educational video for school personnel 

Winning with Asthma - This is a free online 30-minute interactive educational tool for coaches developed by the Minnesota and Utah Departments of Health and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Note: Follow-up materials are unavailable by mail for WV and other states not enrolled in this program, but you can download the Minnesota/Utah Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program Booklet (PDF: 3 MB/25 pages). 

Disclaimer: The videos and educational materials developed for West Virginia coaches on this site are products solely produced by the WV Asthma Education and Prevention Program and are in no way affiliated with any other similar programs or products. 

Note: You will need Adobe Reader (PDF) to view these documents.


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